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Welcome to the video game price comparison website from the people who brought you DVD Collections. Compare prices at over 30 UK game retailers to find cheap games on the best gaming platforms.

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We try our best to find you the cheapest game prices around by daily checking over 30 of the UKs best online game merchants.

Online Savings can be dramatic by using our game comparison search with huge differences between the highest and lowest priced merchants.

So make game collections your first stop and see what you can save over high street prices.

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The best way to find cheap games is to mix comparison website searching with getting down to your local game merchant for any discounts they might have too.

Game collections will also display any applicable game discount codes and vouchers right beside the price search so you can easily see if you can save more than the prices displayed. Keep an eye out for any prizes or promotions too.

Video Game Sites

Here's some of our favourite UK Gaming Sites where you can find PC & video game news, reviews and the latest game releases info.

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The definitive UK gaming site. The magazine's been around since 81!
It's called Eurogamer but they're based in the UK and we love it.
Video Games. The knowledge.